We work to promote:

  • Networking with other agents in the environment.
  • We know that information is power. We want to generate and share our knowledge with anyone looking for professional growth through new technologies in the world of cryptocurrency and blockchain.
  • To search and propose innovative alternatives to today’s problems.
  • To provide an opportunity and create leaders focused on the social side, so their projects positively impact the community.

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Moonwalker USA INC.

We are a member of the Government Blockchain Association (GBA) that promotes blockchain technologies by empowering individuals and organizations to connect. We firmly believe that the financial culture must make a significant shift, heading in the right direction to advance and evolve together in the economic and technological markets of the world.

We believe in a philosophy of change and evolution that leaves behind old and obsolete policies in the financial sector, making room for a growth process that is constantly evolving as the blockchain and cryptocurrency field does.

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